The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) is a private, non-profit research, planning and development organization representing a wide spectrum of interest groups in Northeastern Pennsylvania serving both the private and public sectors in the following seven counties: Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill, and Wayne.

NEPA serves as the local development district and economic development district under federal and state programs for the regional coordination and delivery of economic, infrastructure, planning, social and community development programs and other services.

The purpose of this organization is to promote effective partnerships and collaboration that will provide a non-partisan organizational framework to promote the continued social and economic development of the seven county region through the retention and expansion of industrial, commercial, financial, research, educational, technology and other allied business and development activities, as well as to improve the region’s environment, recreational facilities, and quality of life without duplicating the efforts of other established public and private local agencies.

NEPA Alliance serves as an Economic Development District (EDD) as established by the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) and as a Local Development District (LDD) by the U.S. Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). The powers and duties of NEPA Alliance are consistent with applicable federal and state law outlined as follows:

ARC Goals and Objectives:

1. Increase job opportunities and per capita income in Appalachia to reach parity with thenation.

2. Strengthen the capacity of the people of Appalachia to compete in the global economy.

3. Develop and improve Appalachia’s infrastructure to make the Region economically competitive.

4. Build the Appalachian Development Highway System to reduce Appalachia’s isolation.

ARC/LDD Goals and Objectives:

1. They should perform a wide range of area-wide planning, program development and program coordination functions.

2. They should assist local governments in the provision of local services.

3. They should promote and actively pursue a public/private partnership at the local level as the basis for developing and strengthening the local economy.

The District Organization shall engage in the full range of economic development activities listed in its EDA approved CEDS. These activities may include:

1. Coordinating and implementing economic development activities in the District.

2. Carrying out economic development research, planning implementation and advisory functions identified in the CEDS

3. Coordinating the development and implementation of the CEDS with other local, state, federal and private organizations.

Power and duties of local development districts:

1. Research and coordination.

2. Development activities:

(a)  Business Finance Assistance

(b)  Capital Formation

(c)  Market Development

(d)  Export Marketing Assistance

(e)  Government Procurement Assistance

(f)  Matchmaker (MNET)/Import Substitution Programs

Membership in the Alliance is open to all persons who are residents of or have interests in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance and who shall express an interest in the advancement of NEPA’s purposes. Admission of membership in the Alliance shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors consists of up to 45 voting members and non-voting Ex-Officio members and Directors Emeritus are appointed and may elect to serve from time to time.

The voting members of the Board of Directors are composed of representatives of the seven counties, up to three at large directors who are past Board Chairs or past Presidents of the Alliance and up to five other at large Directors.  The representatives of the seven counties are elected by the Board.

Half of the total number of Directors representing the seven counties are elected for a term of two years and the other half are elected for a term of one year.  All directors, including volunteer officers who are

NEPA Alliance standing committees include:

A. Budget & Finance Committee

B. Bylaws

C. Communications & Membership Committee

D. Executive Committee

E. Nominating Committee

F. Non Profit Community Assistance Center

G. Northeastern Pennsylvania Metropolitian Planning Organization

H. Nominating Committee

I. Personnel Committee

J. Regional Project Review Committee

K. Revolving Loan Fund Committee

L. Transportation Committee

Luzerne County Council Resolution R-2017-66

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