What is the LDD Network?

On March 9, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Appalachian Regional Development Act. The Act provided for the establishment of Local Development Districts (LDDs) to strengthen the local participation in the partnership.

The original ARC legislation was amended in 1967, 1969, 1971, 1975, 1977 and 1980. Commission programs were broadened to include child development, planning and site development for housing and energy-related enterprises. The 1975 amendments called for stronger participation of Governors and strengthened local development district roles.

Federally designated by the Appalachian Regional Commission, the 7 Local Development Districts (LDDs) serve 52 of Pennsylvania’s counties.

The LDDs are organizations through which counties share information, address common concerns and develop regional responses to today’s critical issues.

LDD Goals and Objectives. The goals and objectives of the Local Development Districts shall be in general accord with any overall Commission or state goals and objectives. The Local Development Districts should actively pursue three key roles in the development of the Region:

  1. They should perform a wide range of area wide planning, program development and program coordination functions.
  2. They should assist local governments in the provision of local services.
  3. They should promote and actively pursue a public/private partnership at the local level as the basis for developing and strengthening the local economy.

Source: ARC Code

7 LDDs in Pennsylvania serving 52 Counties

73 LDDs in the 13 State Appalachian Region

The Pennsylvania General Assembly established the Local Development Districts for the Regional coordination and delivery of economic, infrastructure planning, social and community development programs and other services in the Common wealth through Act 120 of 1994.

Powers and Duties of LDDs under Act 120 of 1994:

1. Research & Coordination

2. Development Activities

Business Finance
Capital Formation
Market Development
Export Marketing Assistance
Government Procurement Assistance

3. Agency Coordination

4. Related Activities

Community Development, Housing, Energy Conservation, Water & Sewer,
Waste Disposal, Transportation, Recreation, Tourism, Education &
Training, Local Government Improvement, Environment, Health &
Human Resources, Technology Transfer, Any other element appropriate &
necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens in the respective

For over 40 years, LDDs have been at the forefront, implementing economic and community development initiatives while coordinating and delivering services on behalf of the Commonwealth and each LDD’s respective counties.

Over 40 years of experience

Multi-County Organizations
Coordinating Local, State & Federal Initiatives
Multi-Disciplined Professional Staff
Project Evaluation & Prioritization
State & Federally Approved Performance Measurement Systems
Accountable to Local Elected Officials
Recipients of Multiple Grants from State & Federal Governments
Distribution & Administration of Grants and Loans
Extensive Grant Management for Multi-Funding Sources
Responsible Stewards of Public Funds

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