International Business Development

PA Center for Trade Assistance

The Pennsylvania Center for Trade Assistance is the division that manages the Commonwealth’s trade program in the Office of International Business Development (OIBD) at the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). The Center acts as a liaison between the RENs and Pennsylvania trade offices. The Center coordinates the Commonwealth’s many international trade development activities and other trade related programs.

Pennsylvania Foreign Offices

Pennsylvania has trade offices in 22 countries around the world covering more than 77 overseas markets. The trade advisors at these offices are local professionals, knowledgeable about the business, social and political environments of their countries. The trade advisors provide a range of services to help northeastern Pennsylvania businesses develop the market. The services can include but not limited to market intelligence, company background check, and partner search; arrange appointments and in-country support for Pennsylvania businesses.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PA DAG) has a trade specialist on staff to help businesses understand the requirements to export the food products they producing and manufacture. The PA DAG relies on the PA Center for Trade Assistance and other associations to help Pennsylvania food product businesses export their products.

Pennsylvania Hardwood Development Council

The Pennsylvania Hardwood Development Council (PHDC) offers asssitance to businesses associated with Pennsylvania’s lumber industry sector. THE PHDC is associated with the PA Center for Trade Development and other associations to help Pennsylvania lumber businesses export their products.

Trade Calendar

The Center for Trade Development (CTD) along with other partners organizes trade activites for specific industries and markets to help businesses get-to market.

Trade Grants

NEPA’s International Business Development Program manages Grants for the Commonwealth and others agencies to help a business with financing their international activities. The current Grants available are the Market Access Grant (MAG) and the Global Access Program (GAP) funding. For additional information on the available grants, contact the International Business Development Program.

Staff Contact

Debbie Langan  – Senior International Business Manager

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