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The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA), in partnership with BlackOut Design, Coal Creative and Design Done Right,  has established the Get Connected program to assist businesses within Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill, or Wayne counties with their development of e-commerce platforms. 20+ eligible firms will receive e-commerce technical assistance. In its role as the administrator of the Get Connected program, the NEPA team will vet businesses for eligibility and connect the business with one of the above local consultants to develop e-commerce platforms that support online sales. The program is designed to assist businesses in their adapting to current market trends and generating sales and clients during the pandemic. Furthermore, the program will assist in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by lowering the amount of face-to-face contact and encouraging social distancing while allowing business owners to operate during the pandemic. We are seeking firms within the seven counties that meet the following eligibility requirements.

A. Based in Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill, or Wayne County

B. Small Businesses with less than 100 employees

C. Have the appropriate licenses to operate their business

D. Current on Federal, State and Local taxes – NEPA will vet clients using state website

E. That have been in existence since 2018

F. Are committed to turning around information (photos, logos, pricing, products specs, menus, sales information, etc.) within 10 business days

G. Are committed to provide requested additional information within 3 business days

H. Preference will be given to businesses who maintained some level of operations during the pandemic

I. Preference will be given to locally owned and operated businesses

J. Preference will be given to businesses that are affiliated with a national chain

K. Preference will be given to businesses that will receive an immediate impact from the support such as client retention, new clients, and an increase in sales

Interested businesses please see below to apply. For additional information, contact Kurt Bauman or Steve Zaricki.

This program was seeded with funds from the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development Engage! Program and was continued with funds from the Lackawanna County CARES Act Program.

Get Connected Technical Specifications

Web Development/Tech Firms Partners: BlackOut DesignCoal Creative & Design Done Right

Digital Positioning Services – Growing Business Online

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a continued demonstrated need for companies in the seven-county Northeastern Pennsylvania region to have access to assistance with pivoting their businesses to a more digital focus. We are pleased to present the following program administered by NEPA.

Kickoff & Discovery Phase

  • Business Process Planning & Review
    • Identify existing marketing activities and digital assets (web, social, e-commerce)
    • Identify staff training needs
    • (if needed) Review existing order fulfillment to support current systems

Option 1 – Website Package

For businesses that are not currently leveraging a web presence, our team will work to design, develop, and deploy up to 5 pages of a web foundation. This package is a best fit for businesses looking to create their web/online presence for the first time or enhance their existing website.

  • Design and development for a 3 to 5 page website.
  • Hosting & URL configuration
  • Depending on toolset utilized possible documentation for content management system (CMS).
  • Optional – social media integration, email signups, contact form based on client needs and existing digital strategy.
  • Creation of info@ email address
  • Includes – SSL certificate; URL if needed (year two third party fees $120 + hosting)

Option 2 – Social Package

Geared towards businesses that are under utilizing the various social media channels available to them, with a possible focus on Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn. This package is a best fit for businesses looking to amplify their offerings across social media.

  • Configure identified social profiles
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
  • 90 Day editorial calendar
  • Information on paid promotion best practices and growing social audience
  • Training on social media usage – basic how to guidance and documentation
  • Provide best practices outline for content types and publishing techniques

Option 3 – E-commerce Package

With a focus on transacting online, this option will allow businesses who may already have some digital marketing to take their business to the next level by selling directly to consumer via an e-commerce toolset.

  • Register and configure all web requirements.
  • Cart Design, Configuration, and Deployment
    • Shopping website designed and configured
    • Population of 20 Products/SKUs
    • Cart Fees – $40.00 month with no contract
    • Credit Card Processing – The e-commerce platform will provide credit card processing at 2.9% + 30¢ per order
  • Testing/Handoff & Training
  • Monthly Check In/Coaching for 90 Days
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