The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance provides you with the opportunity to participate in improving the quality of life in Northeastern Pennsylvania and enhancing services and supporting our community’s job growth. By becoming a member of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance, you are investing money which is used as a local match for State and Federal contracts to assist the Alliance enhance our region. The more money we can provide as a local match, the better chance we have to secure and possibly increase the contract dollars. Additionally, NEPA can implement and improve new local programs for our region’s needs. Investing in the programs and services of NEPA is an investment in Northeast Pennsylvania’s future.

There are many levels of the Membership program. The amount of a preferred membership by a company is based on the size of the company, the number of employees in relation to employment statistics and population as well as the company’s financial status. A minimal, annual contribution of $275 is preferred.

Members are often asked to take a seat on committees that make decisions about NEPA’s Programs & Services or issues affecting the region. As a member, you are able to:

  • Build relationships with people who represent the region’s businesses, communities and governments
  • Provide input regarding business, government and community development
  • Receive invitations to many regional, local and community events
  • Promote your organization/company’s website by linking from NEPA’s website
  • Assist the region in creating and retaining jobs that will enhance our local economy
  • Complimentary Admission for one individual to NEPA’s Annual Dinner (A $85 Value)
  • Special Incentives

If you are interested in supporting programs that assist job growth, grant funding for nonprofits and the enhancement of operations for local governments, please contact us at 570-655-5581.

Your partnership in moving our region forward is greatly appreciated and commended.

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