Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) is a regional, multi-county, community and economic development agency providing leadership, planning, and services to businesses, communities, entrepreneurs and institutions lacking adequate access to capital and financial resources that enhance and revitalize distressed communities within the region.


The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) will have a positive impact on the economic and community development of the region, by utilizing the exceptional abilities of our professional staff to:

  • Increase the number and quality of the services we provide to business clients
  • Provide valuable services to local governments
  • Provide valuable services to nonprofit entities through the Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center (NCAC)
  • Strive to consistently achieve 100% customer satisfaction
  • Maintain and enhance financial stability of our organization
  • Provide support for the creation or retention of 2,250 jobs annually
  • Communicate the positive impact of our services on our region
  • Seek and develop partnerships with other organizations to enhance delivery of programs and services and utilize resources efficiently
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