Business Finance Center

Loan Program Evaluation Criteria

Cash Flow

  • The business must show adequate cash flow to service the entire debt.

Credit History

  • The business and its principals must have satisfactory history of meeting debt obligations in a timely manner. Credit checks are performed.


  • The business must demonstrate to NEPA that it has experienced and adequate management to operate the company successfully.


  • Collateral and personal guarantees are required, as appropriate, for the particular loan request. NEPA collateral for each loan is reviewed on a case by case basis. Subordinate financing is possible.

Business Plan

  • For start ups and new to market businesses, a thorough Business Plan is required including financial projections supported by assumptions.


  • Hazard insurance must equal the value of the assets pledged.
  • Life insurance assignments are generally required on owners or key management personnel.


  • The borrower must pay all legal fees and any other closing costs.

Staff Contacts

Stephen Ursich – Vice President, Business Development Services Division
Dave Nat – Business Finance Manager
Donovan Klem – Business Finance Manager
James Urso – Business Finance Specialist
Joseph Ward – Business Finance Specialist

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