International Business Development

The International Business Development Team is comprised of trade and business specialists that understand the technical aspects and mechanics of international trade. The Team is, the Staff of NEPA’s International Business Development Program, the Staff in the Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Trade Advisors around the world, the Staff at the US Export Assistance Center in Philadelphia, and other Pennsylvania and US government agencies and public businesses involved in international trade.

Center for Trade Development

The Center for Trade Development is a division of the Commonwealth’s International Trade program in the Office of International Business Development (OIBD) that manages state trade (exporting) initiatives. OIBD’s other division is the Office of Foreign Direct Investment to help foreign businesses locate their operations in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Foreign Offices

Pennsylvania has the premier International Trade Assistance Program in the United States. The component that makes it the premier Program, are its overseas trade offices. Pennsylvania is the only state with 22 trade offices staffed with local professional trade advisors, knowledgeable about the business, social and political environments of their market/countries. Contact with any of Pennsylvania’s trade offices is though NEPA’s International Business Development Program.

US Government Trade Services

The Commonwealth’s International Trade Program has many, but limited, resources to help northeastern Pennsylvania businesses with international trade development and issues. However, when the market or issues falls outside the Program’s capabilities, the Program relies on the help, assistance and services of the many agencies within the US government. Businesses needing US Government trade information and assistance can begin at the US Department of Commerce, where links to the Bureau of Industry & Security, International Trade Administration, Export.Gov and other trade agencies are located. Direct assistance is available from the US Export Assistance Center in Philadelphia, PA. The US Department of State is also an important information resource to help businesses with international trade, business and travel issues.

Work Orders

A Work Order is the Program’s official document required by a business to access assistance for any Pennsylvania trade office. This document helps the foreign office/trade advisor understand what assistance a business is requesting and to help manage the workload of the office. TO receive asssitance from any of Pennsylvania trade offices a Work Order must be filled out and sent back to NEPA’s International Business Development Program for processing.(Here is the Work Order form.)


The International Business Development Program offers a Trade Hotline to obtain assistance for businesses needing specific, crucial and critical trade information. The Hotline provides answers to these business questions from private, attorney, banking, logistic company professionals. Contact the Program manager for information on how to access the Hotline.


NEPA’s International Business Development Program manages Grants for the Commonwealth and others agencies to help a business with financing their international activities. The current Grants available are the Market Access Grant (MAG) and the Global Access Program (GAP) funding. For additional information on the available grants, contact the International Business Development Program.

Export Sales

The services and assistance a business receives through the International Business Development Program are at no cost to a business except for participation fees associated with trade events, activities, and assistance that go beyond the Program’s capabilities. As one of the goals the Program is asked to capture are the international sales of the businesses that access and receive assistance through the Program. The Program needs to have businesses fill out the Export Sales form to record their international sales. A business’s international sales are used in total with all the other northeastern Pennsylvania businesses and this figure is what is reported to show the Program’s results and ROI.

Trade Calendar

The Center for Trade Development (CTD) along with other partners organizes trade activities for specific markets and industries to help businesses get-to market. Listed here are the current activities.


The International Program is informed of many trade events and activities that can help a businesses with specific trade related issues and training.  These activities can be found on the Program Assistance page.

Staff Contact

Debbie Langan  – Senior International Business Manager

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