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PA Foreign Offices

Pennsylvania has trade offices in 22 countries around the world covering more than 77 overseas markets. The trade advisors at these offices are local professionals, knowledgeable about the business, social and political environments of their countries. The trade advisors provide a range of services to help northeastern Pennsylvania businesses develop the market. The services can include market intelligence, company background check, and partner search; arrange appointments and in-country support for Pennsylvania businesses.

Pennsylvania Trade Offices

Envoy Program

The Pennsylvania Envoy Program is offered to businesses needing direct market assistance to develop a market. Several of Pennsylvania trade offices offer the Envoy Program to businesses on a cost for services basis. The trade office will assign a dedicated staff person to work on a business project under direct supervision of the business. For additional information on the Envoy Program and for a list of the offices contact NEPA’s International Program.

Country & Industry Reports

The Pennsylvania Foreign Trade Offices publish country and industry reports to help businesses become more informed about the markets and the opportunities in the major industries. For a complete list of reports click here.


Several Pennsylvania Foreign Offices publish newsletters on their markets covering current economic, business and social issues that affect their market. Please visit the trade office websites listed above to register to receive their newsletters.

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