NEPA Grantmakers Forum

In collaboration with the Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Foundation, the McGowan Charitable Trust, The Luzerne Foundation, the Scranton Area Foundation and the Margaret Briggs Foundation, NCAC launched the NEPA Grantmakers initiative. The NEPA Grantmakers initiative is designed to bring grantmaking organizations and agencies together to more efficiently and effectively address the grant making needs of the communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The consortium allows for open discussion on grant making activities and best practices, local service deficiencies, peer collaborations, investment insight and legal challenges. It is our hope that this initiative will lead to systemic improvements in grantmaking activities throughout the region that will provide greater efficiencies and impacts to both the funders and grant recipients. NEPA-Grantmakers-Forum The NEPA Grantmaker Forums are open to grantmakers and foundations staff throughout the region.

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Staff Contacts

Kurt Bauman – NCAC, Executive Director Athena Aardweg – Community Services Manager

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