Energy Resource Center

NEPA’s Energy Resource Center provides technical assistance, training and education, empowering communities, nonprofits and businesses to make informed energy consumption decisions. NEPA is a founding member of the Pennsylvania Energy Partnership – a consortium of organizations throughout the Commonwealth that provide technical and objective advice for energy conservation/efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.

NEPA Energy Resource Center Services

NEPA’s energy team help identify, develop and implement energy conservation projects on a regional level and provide customized technical assistance to assist clients (local governments, schools, nonprofits, and businesses) reduce energy demand and operational costs and procure services available from the public and private sectors. NEPA assists clients in the development and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency and conservation projects and initiatives. NEPA’s services include:

  • Provide technical assistance as requested including, but not limited to, project development, review and scoping, financing/incentive identification, professional services referrals, partner referrals, etc.
  • Provide energy workshops, seminars and trainings to highlight best practices and case studies.
  • Conduct energy/lighting assessments that include comprehensive utility bill analyses (UBA), benchmarking and thermal imagery.
  • Procuring the services of private sector energy service providers including Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).
  • Provide funding development and grant writing assistance.

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Kurt Bauman – Vice President, Community & Economic Development Services Division

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