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Local Government Assistance — Ashley Borough

Ashley Borough hired NEPA in 2010 as its Early Intervention Program (EIP) Consultant. NEPA engaged in gathering data and information, conducting research and interviews, assisting with and correcting accounting errors, providing best practice recommendations and providing research and guidance as necessary. NEPA provided the EIP Plan to Ashley Borough in 2011.

The EIP Plan provided a multi-year, long term strategy to identify the problem areas and included management actions to be taken where expenditures should be reduced and revenues enhanced. The plan also included the identification of community and economic development strategies to stabilize the tax base, the adoption of best and sound management practices and explore intergovernmental cooperation opportunities.

The plan is detailed in that it will identifies the most critical short-term issues of the Borough that need to be addressed immediately and then laid out the strategy for long-term solutions. The long-term portion of the plan included components such as a Capital Improvement Plan and Budget; and management directives to improve service delivery whether it is through software or equipment and/or intergovernmental cooperation.

Local Government Assistance — Pittston City

On January 16, 2012, NEPA was formally engaged by the Pittston City Government Study Commission to provide them with professional consulting services toward their review of the city’s form of government and decision as to whether or not to pursue the development of a home rule charter.

After a Public Hearing in March 2012, the Government Study Commission decided to pursue a Home Rule Charter. Throughout the year, NEPA guided the Government Study Commission through the drafting process and the charter options. Some of the services NEPA provided included interviewing current employees and elected officials about the workings of the city government; providing the Commission with various governing options for new charter; and providing administrative support including public meetings, legal advertisements, etc. Once a charter was drafted and approved by the Government Study Commission, the charter question appeared on November 6, 2012 general election ballot and was approved. The changes to the Pittston City Government took effect in 2013.

Local Government Assistance — Nanticoke City

NEPA served as the Nanticoke City Government Study Commission consultant through 2011. NEPA guided the Commission in its activities and attended and facilitated bi-monthly meetings.The Government Study Commission interviewed current and former elected and appointed officials and staff and gathered information concerning the city’s operational structure, deliberated to develop an operational and governing structure that will best serve the needs of the city. NEPA completed the Charter to the satisfaction of the Government Study Commission and the voters approved the Charter with a plurality vote in November 2011. The Charter now governs the City of Nanticoke.

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