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Public Involvement

NEPA, as the PennDOT designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Schuylkill counties, is contracted through a work plan to coordinate transportation planning initiatives in the MPO region.  The NEPA MPO is continuously revising and adapting our public involvement and community outreach initiatives that fully engage all stakeholders in our planning and decision-making process. The NEPA MPO has a commitment to engaging the public in a process that is:

  • Open: a process that is open is accessible, unrestricted, and understandable. 
  • Cooperative: a process that is cooperative is accommodating to a wide range of needs and diverse perspectives. 
  • Collaborative: a process that is collaborative cultivates opportunities for new partnerships and fosters teamwork. 
  • Continuing: a process that is continuing is proactive and responsive to the purpose it is intended to serve.

In 2015, the NEPA MPO updated its Public Involvement Plan, Title VI Plan and Limited English Proficiency Plan.  The Public Involvement Plan outlines the policies, procedures and processes for all public involvement activities within the NEPA MPO. The Public Involvement Plan acts as a guide for the public involvement in the development of regional projects, plans and programs including the Long Range Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program. The Title VI Plan and Limited English Proficiency Plan are part of the Public Involvement Plan and outline the NEPA MPO’s efforts to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ensure  that the plans, programs and processes developed by the NEPA MPO consider the needs of environmental justice populations including minority and low-income persons, and individuals traditionally underserved by the transportation system including those with Limited English Proficiency, seniors and persons with disabilities.

The Public Involvement Plan can be found here.
The Title VI Plan can be found here.
The Limited English Proficiency Plan can be found here.

In accordance with the provisions of the Sunshine Law and federal transportation legislation, the NEPA MPO held a 45-day public comment period on the above-mentioned plans beginning on September 16, 2015 and ending on October 30, 2015.  These plans were considered by the NEPA MPO Technical Planning Committee at its business meeting on November 17, 2015 and adopted by the NEPA MPO Policy Board at its November 18, 2015 meeting.

Staff Contacts

Alan Baranski – Vice President, Transportation Planning Services Division
Kate McMahon – Senior Transportation Services Manager
Annette Ginocchetti – GIS Services Manager
Daniel Yelito – Transportation Services Manager

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